How to get Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War's new Nuketown weapon bundle

Call of Duty Blac Ops Cold War's Nuketown bundle.
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In the run-up to the release of the fan-favourite map Nuketown '84, which comes out November 24, Black Ops - Cold War is receiving an accompanying Nuketown weapon bundle. Which does seem to consist mainly of 'mannequin weapon charms' but hey, in the '80s you had to take what you could get.  

The good news is, if you've been playing since launch, you'll automatically receive the bundle (and there's around seven hours to go: the offer ends today, Friday 20 November, at 10pm PST, 7pm CET). Anyone who buys the game between now and December 4 at 2 a.m. PT will also receive the pack (as long as you log in).

The Nuketown weapon bundle is 10 items including, and I'm just going to quote directly here, "an absolutely bomb shotgun Weapon Blueprint." That means a nice-looking skin, and in this case it's actually accurate: by far the best thing about this shotgun is that the coloured lines make it looks vaguely like a ZX Spectrum tribute.

This shotgun does sound ridiculous: it's called the “Last Stop,” and apparently "any enemy who dares to challenge you in close quarters will know it’s the end of the road." It comes with a bunch of attachments granting faster fire rate, more range, more ammo, and other buffs to handling.

In addition to this, there's "a half-dozen mannequin Weapon Charms" paying tribute to what I can only call the lore of Nuketown. "Pick your favorite well-sculpted hunk – ''Chad,' 'Thad,' or 'Vlad' – or a flawless friend – 'Karen,' 'Sharon,' and 'Bobbi McDaren' – to give your favorite weapon more personality."

In addition there are stickers, an emblem, and a calling card. Well, the shotgun looks great, and you can't complain about 'free' stuff: except to point out it's slightly weird to call things 'free' when they depend on you dropping $60 on the game first. All of these items will be available for use in Warzone, when the two games integrate on December 10.

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