How Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's Overpass map evolved

The average player might not even notice the changes, but if you've put a couple hundred hours into Counter-Strike: Global Offensive the evolution of the Overpass map makes a world of difference. As Valve explains, it is the first completely new defuse map designed with competitive play in mind, and since its release in December 2013, it has been updated seven times based on feedback and data.

Take for example the changes made to Bombsite A, which unlike most diffuse maps, is easier to defend from a distance. “Retaking the site from the A tunnels was originally very difficult, because defenders could keep tabs on the area from many angles,” Valve said in a post on the Counter Strike blog . Move the Terrorist's Target a bit so it's easier to reach from the tunnels, remove a car that was giving Counter Terrorists too much cover, and the area is completely rebalanced.

The post details a few of these small but fascinating changes that went into Overpass, and highlights them with fancy, interactive before and after screenshots. It's a good read if you're into Counter-Strike or map design in general. Even better is our three part series from mapmaker Shawn " FMPONE ” Snelling and pro Counter-Strike player/mapmaker Sal " VOLCANO " Garozzo, which reveals the inspiration and building process for their CS:GO map Crown.