House Flipper is getting pets, because why not

House Flipper
(Image credit: Frozen Way, Empyrean)

House Flipper is a very popular game about turning ugly old houses into very nice places where you might like to live. Its popularity makes sense: lots of people can't own houses, let alone make them look very nice. But House Flipper really has it all: Not only do you buy, renovate and sell old houses, but you also have to repair stuff. You can also use a mallet to smash walls down: it's really a game for everyone.

Anyway, House Flipper is getting a big pets expansion. That means once you've made your old ruin sparkling clean you can populate it with dogs, cats, rabbits, turtles, parrots and hamsters. The dogs and cats even have up to ten different breeds. House Flipper has gone animal flippin' mad.

In addition to the animals themselves, the DLC will also include ten new "ranch-themed" properties and 150 new items, presumably some of these items will be pet-related, but given there are 150 of them, there might be some other unrelated stuff too. 

"In Cozy Village you'll be able to create a safe asylum for a crew of happy animals," so reads the Steam description. "Prepare the place by making sure all the requirements like play areas, water feeders and food dispensers are present! The better the conditions, the more people will trust you with taking care of their pets, and the bigger the profit.

I've never played House Flipper and probably never will, but I am nevertheless glad that it's getting pets. Actual House Flipper fans are happy too: in the YouTube comments for the trailer below, many people are writing "finally," as if it was always inevitable that a game about renovating houses would get pets. Someone even suggested raccoons would be a good animal to include. Others want the pets to be able to help with the renovations. 

They'll have to wait a while though, because the release date is TBC.

Shaun Prescott

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