Horrifying roguelike World of Horror's big update is coming this month

World of Horror
(Image credit: Ysbryd Games)

World of Horror has a "huge" update coming this month, says solo developer panstasz. The promising indie horror roguelike released last year, a stylish 1-bit adventure in which ancient forces awaken and the world falls apart around you.

Obviously, you are a teenager and the only hope for thwarting the forces which seek to tear reality asunder. World of Horror is inspired by the work of Junji Ito, the renowned Japanese horror comic creator whose works are packed with skin-crawling body horror and creeping existential dread.

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This will be World of Horror's first major update in a year. The creator has said that their personal life was "truly miserable" in 2021, a pretty direct reason for why the game is off its initial year-long development cycle. Despite that, panstasz expressed in their update announcement that their lack of communication on development was "inexcusable."

That's all good with me. I'd much rather a slow drip of World of Horror than none at all. You can find World of Horror on its official website, a free demo on Itch.io, and the full game on Steam as well.

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