Homeworld: Shipbreakers footage unearthed at Unite 2015

Homeworld Shipbreakers

Homeworld: Shipbreakers has been at the back of my mind for years now, so long that I wouldn't be surprised if we had never heard from it again. But, suddenly, we have our first proper glimpse at the planetside strategy prequel, and from an unlikely source too. Shipbreakers was shown off at the Unite 2015 conference last month, and one of the talks was just uploaded to YouTube.

The following talk is mainly a discussion of the game's camera, but it begins with a teaser trailer that features Shipbreakers footage, and it's making me very excited indeed. I recognise that shade of yellow! And what a lovely desert your chunky vehicles are galumphing across too.

OK, so it's a very small glimpse, but after two years since the last morsel, I'll take it.

Homeworld: Shipbreakers was formerly Hardware: Shipbreakers, before the Homeworld-inspired strategy prequel was gobbled up by Gearbox and incorporated into the series proper. It was initially going to be free-to-play, but it's not anymore. And, yeah, that's about all we know.

Since then, the original Homeworld and its sequel have been lovingly remastered by Gearbox. Tom had a great time with them for his review.

Thanks, Kotaku!

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