Homeworld 3 crowdfunding campaign, which had a target of just $1, has topped $1 million

(Image credit: Gearbox Publishing)

Gearbox's Homeworld 3 crowdfunding campaign is officially 100,000,000% complete. After launching with a goal of just $1—the aim was to get fans on board to give feedback—the game has passed $1 million raised, and it still has a couple of days left to run.

Currently, the Fig campaign's grand total is $1,131,710. It expires late on Sunday, but in a blog post yesterday Gearbox announced it would keep the campaign open throughout development, with a few tweaks to its backer tiers. The base level backing, which will net you a copy of the game, is going up from $50 to $60, and the gigantic $1,000 pledge tier is vanishing completely. 

The initial backer survey, designed to let fans influence the game, is only open until October 13th.

Homeworld 3 is due out in late 2022. It's being developed by Blackbird Interactive, a studio headed by veterans of the original Homeworld games, and which made 2016 Homeworld prequel Deserts of Kharak.

You can watch the cinematic reveal trailer, which debuted last month, below.

Samuel Horti

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