Homeless dog sim Home Free hits Kickstarter goal

Home Free

A confession: I don't like dogs. Being a person who doesn't like dogs, however, has made me aware of just how many of you do. So for your sake I've checked out the Kickstarter campaign for this homeless dog simulator Home Free and bring you the news that it has bounded past its Kickstarter goal, which means that as long as developer Kevin Canine... sorry, Cancienne, is good people then this game will actually exist at some point.

Home Free raised its initial target of $50,000 in five days, but there are still more than three weeks left in the campaign, and you know what that means: stretch goals!

Slinky Toy Story

The first stretch goal has already been hit: $55,000 for "new tricks". This means that you can make your life as a stray dog a little easier by learning tricks to perform to convince humans in the procedurally generated city of Home Free to give you food. I guess "play dead" probably won't be very effective here.

The next stretch goal, at $65,000, is for a new area to the city: Dockside. Expect fish, boats, and "undulating low-poly water". Also, if the campaign hits $80,000, cats. Apparently they'll hang out at the docks, presumably because of the fish, and while they won't be playable I'm sure you'll get to do more than look at them.

No, I know what you're thinking, but I'm not a cat person either.