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Homefront's eight-hour campaign influenced by Half-Life

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Homefront's single-player campaign will take players anything from eight hours to a full day, and is stylistically influenced by Valve's Half-Life series, comments Kaos' senior single-player designer Zach Wilson. Read on for the full story.

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Talking to CVG , Wilson explained that: "We've been play-testing the game and we'll give the guys doing that the entire day, Some of them will get through it in eight hours, some of them will take longer than eight hours. There's a varying level of challenge depending on the skill of the player."

He added: "We've honestly seen players take more than an entire day play through the single-player campaign, sitting down and not doing anything else."

Encouragingly, Wilson also told CVG that Valve's Half-Life games were a big influence on their narrative approach. "Half-Life and Half-Life 2 are definitely the two big influences on the work that we've done. A lot of first-person shooters don't just let you walk through the world and appreciate the world. That's something that Half-Life 2 does really well."

Homefront's world looks like something that would be worth taking in, and being able to walk around and appreciate the setting would certainly be a large contributor to portraying the devastated society that Kaos seem to be aiming for. Players will be able to see just how successful Kaos have been with Homefront's campaign when the game launches on March 11.