Hollow Knight Lifeblood update now available, Gods & Glory DLC 'coming together'

Hollow Knight's long-awaited Lifeblood update is now available, developer Team Cherry announced today. If you purchased the game through Steam or GOG Galaxy, it will automatically update. DRM-free GOG and Humble buyers will need to download an updated version from their respective storefronts.

Lifeblood's headlining addition is a new boss, but an existing boss has also been "seriously upgraded." That said, some players are probably more excited about the new custom map markers, which you can use to stay organized in the game's complex, interconnected world (and which you can explore the making of here). A medley of smaller fixes and extras are also included, most of which help catch the PC version up to the upcoming Nintendo Switch port. 

Looking ahead, Team Cherry says Hollow Knight's third major DLC, Gods & Glory, is "coming together as we speak, and is shaping up to be the largest pack yet." In an update earlier this year, the studio described it as the "final chapter of the Knight's journey," and said it would release in early 2018. It includes a new game mode, multiple new bosses, and the ability to "glorify" your charms, adding "whole new depth to your charm collection."  

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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