Hitman's second episode goes to Sapienza in April


As revealed by one of the briefest announcement teasers I've ever seen, the second episode of Hitman will come out on April 26. Entitled Sapienza, it's named after the fictional town in the sunny south of Italy in which the action takes place—a lovely place for a holiday, just as long as you don't have a large man with a bar code tattooed on the back of his head trying to kill you.

Before we go tripping off to the Mediterranean, Io Interactive will roll out an update that will fix and improve the game in various ways, and add a new, community-inspired Vampire Magician Challenge Pack. Highlights, as listed on Steam, include improvements to load times and connectivity, better responsiveness in menus, and fixes to scoring and crash bugs. But the headliner is obviously the new Challenge Pack, a series of ten new challenges that will require Agent 47 to wear the classy, understated Vampire Magician disguise as he takes out his targets. Because nothing says “blend into the environment” like a top hat, cape, and fangs. (I can't see the fangs, but I assume they're there.)

The patch has already gone out to consoles, and the PC version, with platform-specific updates, is expected to be ready “in the very near future.” As for that Sapienza video up there, I can only hope that a full and proper trailer will be released when the second episode comes out, complete with 47 walking out of the sea like Honey Rider, seashells in hand, a skimpy Speedo around his hips, and an inflatable alligator strapped to his head.

Andy Chalk

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