Hitman welcomes you to Sapienza, Italy

Hitman Sapienza

Hitman: Hopefully Better Than The Last One (you have to add your own subtitles these days) launches in March with three sandboxy locations set in Italy, France, and Morocco. IO and Square Enix have shown off the first one in a new trailer, and Sapienza—a fictional town on the south coast of Italy—is looking like a lovely place to holiday to. I mean, apart from all those suspicious murders. Oh look, here's an unfamiliar, bald, grim-faced waiter with my dinner orde-AAARRRGHHH.

Compared to many game locations, Sapienza looks fairly big from the trailer, and I'm hoping we'll be able to explore the entirety of it, on our mission to murder everyone and look cool doing so. You can climb up a clock tower! That's pretty neat. As with the other two locations, we'll be visiting this area plenty—there'll be two main missions set here, plus hundreds of targets walking around that can be marked for death in the practically endless Contracts mode.

Tom Sykes

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