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Hitman heads to the farm for a new episode called Freedom Fighters

The fifth, not-quite-final episode of the first season of Hitman, called “Freedom Fighters,” is set to go live on September 27. This time around, Agent 47 is headed out to the country to take care of four separate targets who've attracted all the wrong sorts of attention. It sounds like just another day on the farm, except this farm has been converted to a private militia training camp, and the people he's after are the sort of folks who know how to take care of themselves. 

“This is one of the toughest episodes yet,” Io Interactive studio boss Hannes Seifert said. “Not only do you have four targets, but from the moment you set foot in Colorado you’re on enemy ground. 'Freedom Fighters' is a key episode, which will add serious momentum to the story and set up an intriguing season finale for players.” 

Episode five will feature “new opportunities and disguises,” and more than 70 new challenges which will unlock gear, weapons, and items that 47 can use throughout the game. There will also be “huge story revelations” leading into the first season's finale, which is set in Japan and will arrive later this year. Following that, the entire first season of Hitman will be put together and released in a physical format, with some pretty nice bonuses, at the end of January.

Andy Chalk
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