HItman GO coming to Steam February 23

Hitman Go definitive 1

At its best, Hitman is a puzzle game. You're given your tools, a map populated with opportunities and AI that behaves in a dynamic but predictable way, then it pipes down and lets you figure out what to do with them. The mobile game, Hitman GO, is that same problem-solving distilled down to its fundaments, with movement restricted to set paths. It's coming to Steam, with PS4/PS Vita cross-buy, on February 23 in the US and February 24 in the EU.

It's been available on the Windows Store since early last year, but Square Enix is opening it up to those of us still loyal to Windows 7. And this is the Definitive Edition—all extra maps that were in-app purchases in the first version, like Blood Money's Paris Opera, are included, and the visuals have been spruced up. 'Quaint' and 'charming' aren't typically words I use in conjunction with Agent 47, but they're appropriate here.

Hitman Go definitive 2