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Hitman at the PC Gamer Weekender: the details

I'm considering enforcing a dress code.

I'm considering enforcing a dress code.

Hitman fans are currently divided into two camps: bubbling excitement at Agent 47's apparent return to form, and simmering rage over its episodic structure. Io Interactive will be on-stage at the PC Gamer Weekender (opens in new tab) to appease both sides, bringing never-before-seen footage and breaking down what it means to call Hitman a 'live game'.

This being the PC Gamer Weekender, the session would be remiss not to examine what PC players can expect to get out Hitman, right down to debate over DirectX 12. Io will also walk us through how it renders massive, open-ended murder playgrounds before showing off exclusive footage of a new mission never seen by outside eyes. I haven't seen it—Tom won't even tell me what it is, he just waves his hand like Derren Brown and wanders away cackling.

The Weekender is bearing down on us like 47 going in for the kill—it's this weekend, March 5-6, at London's Old Truman Brewery. Save yourself money by booking in advance (opens in new tab) and knocking 20% off the price with the code PCG20. That ticket gets you access to all the pre-release games you could ask for, free stuff from Sega, and the wisdom of folk like Paradox Development Studio. Bargain.