Hitman 5 ARG concludes with screenshot

Hitman ZOMG

Last week we mentioned the start of a Hitman alternative reality game, in which members of the Hitman forums have been following real world clues to try and uncover more information on Hitman 5. Last week the community was busy deciphering a mysterious image of Agent 47's signature black leather gloves next to what looks to be a script for a new Hitman game. Since then the plot has thickened, with encoded number-strings, references to the Berliner beer festival, a picture of CN tower in Toronto, Canada, and the first image of Hitman 5.

You can follow the whole mystery on the Hitman forums , which now features more than 40 pages of speculation and detective work, all of which leads the first image of Hitman 5. Are you sure you're ready for this?

It's the back of a man's hand! More specifically, the back of Agent 47's hand. And he's screwing on a silencer. Actually, the CN tower clue is much more interesting. The CN tower is the largest free standing structure in the world, and it's in Toronto. Does this mean Hitman 5 will be set in Canada? Is there even much of an assassination market in Canada? Eurogamer note that the ARG has now been declared over by IO, who also confirm that more Hitman 5 info will be revealed at this year's E3 in June.

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