Hitman 3 smells the roses with a free and permanent Dartmoor Garden Show event

Agent 47 is a man of many trades—including, as it happens, botany. The chrome-domed killer is heading back to England for Hitman 3's free and permanent new escalation event, the Dartmoor Garden Show.

Opening its gates earlier this week, the Garden Show renovates Dartmoor's murder mystery mansion into a vibrant summer fair. Dreary grey clouds are gone, with a bright summer sky illuminating a set of four bespoke gardens that have been added across the manor grounds.

Of course, Agent 47 isn't here to sniff flowers. The Dartmoor Garden Show begins as a three-part escalation featuring a randomly assigned client and target, with poisonous frogs and horticultural tools to help his targets find a spot under the flowerbeds. Can't win the Garden Show from six feet under, can you?

Successful completion of this escalation unlocks the Summer Sightseeing Suit, along with a "deterministic" mode that removes random elements from the base escalation—giving 47 full control over who wins the event. New contracts can also be created on the reworked Dartmoor map, letting you set up entirely new challenges.

The Dartmoor Garden Show is free to play for all Hitman 3 owners, permanently. If you're a Free Starter Pack player, you'll have access to the manor grounds until August 17th. 

Natalie Clayton
Features Producer

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