Hitman 2's June roadmap includes the bank level, and more

Hitman 2's June roadmap is here

The bank level, revealed back in April, will be out on June 25 as part of the expansion pass along with two special assignments. As part of the Legacy Pack two of the previous game's elusive targets (the guru and the congressman) will be returning to Sapienza on June 7. Free to everyone will be a new escalation contract called The O'Leary Conflagration that's all about messing with Helen's Muffin Kitchen and will probably involving burning a whole lot of people to death. That's due on June 13, and will be followed on June 20 by another escalation called The Unpalatable Termination and new featured contracts with the theme of "Assassin's Greed". Performing them will unlock the handyman toolbox. June 27 brings yet another escalation, The Aquatic Retribution (a trip to the aquarium, apparently) and finally on June 29 there's another legacy elusive target: Mr. Giggles, the entertainer, will be back in Marrakesh.

As if that's not enough, a patch is also due on June 25, though the full notes for that haven't been released yet. It'll be a busy time for assassins.

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