Hi-Rez pays tribute to Smite pro David 'Allied' Hance with in-game memorial

David "Allied" Hance was a professional Smite player for teams including Cognitive, Complexity, and Team EnvyUs before retiring in early 2016 and becoming a caster for Hi-Rez Studios. Shortly after that, however, he was diagnosed with cancer; he was declared free of the disease in February of this year and briefly returned to playing Smite. But the cancer soon returned, and he died in May at the far-too-young age of 25.

Allied was also a well-known and respected member and booster of the Smite community, and so to mark his passing and pay tribute to his life and contributions to the game, Hi-Rez has erected a monument to Allied in Smite's Conquest map. 

According to the Smite subreddit, the statue, a Greek-themed sculpture with his name engraved in stylized letters below, can be seen now on the Smite PTS. 

Hi-Rez also made and posted a very nice tribute video, describing Allied as "a friend to the entire Smite community"—a genuinely sweet tribute to someone who obviously had a very positive impact on players and fans alike.

Andy Chalk

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