HGST's 8TB Desktar NAS hard drive is on sale for $280

If you're looking to beef up your backup storage, Newegg has a sale on HGST's capacious 8TB Deskstar drive. It's marked down today from $350 to $280 outright (no promo code or mail-in-rebate).

The next lowest price for this same model drive is $330, which is the asking price at places such as Amazon and B&H Photo. At $280 on Newegg, you're looking at three-and-a-half cents per gigabyte.

This particular model is built for consumer and commercial NAS appliances. It features HGST's "rotational vibration safeguard" (RVS) technology, which both helps the HDD recover from imbalances due to vibration from multiple drive in a NAS box, and anticipates vibrations so that it can take steps to counteract them before they occur.

HGST credits its RVS technology for allowing the drive to perform at a high level—in this case, it has a 7,200 RPM spindle speed with a less than 12ms seek time. The 8TB drive also has a meaty 128MB cache.

Though this drive is built for NAS boxes, you can install it in a regular PC with a free SATA 6Gbps port.

On the topic of reliability, cloud backup provider Backblazed noted in its most recent HDD reliability report that HGST drives as the least likely to fail. It also had good things to say about 8TB capacity drives.

You can grab the HGST 8TB drive on sale here.

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