Heroes of the Storm second anniversary event is now underway

The second anniversary of Blizzard's hit MOBA Heroes of the Storm is almost upon us, and to mark the big birthday the studio is holding a two-week event that will award daily loot chests to dedicated players and unique anniversary rewards including a portray, spray, and banner. 

Between May 30 and June 12, the Daily Quest will reward players with one common loot chest per day for playing one vs AI, quick match, unranked, or ranked game. Play three games during the anniversary event, and you'll start getting into the good stuff. Just look at those glowing purple goodies. 

It's actually pretty minimal as these things go, but wait—there's more! Blizzard has also put the music from Heroes of the Storm together in a standalone soundtrack available for purchase on iTunes, or for free listening on YouTube or Spotify

"Whether you’re plumbing the depths of the Tomb of the Spider Queen, paying off Captain Blackheart to blast your foe’s battlements into rubble, or capturing mystical temples floating in the Nexian sky, every adventure is made even better with some awesome accompaniment," the studio said. "Now you can use these epic backing tracks to help you battle those weights at the gym, tackle stacks of homework, or liven your evening commute; they’re yours to enjoy as you please!" 

And finally, Blizzard will hold a livestream beginning at 10 am PT on June 5, featuring members of the development team "playing, chatting, and checking out the newest Hero to enter the Nexus," plus "games, giveaways, and more." The stream will run all day long on Twitch.

Andy Chalk

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