Heroes of the Storm prices will increase in Australia

Heroes of the Storm BlizzCon LineUp Cropped

Blizzard has announced that prices on in-game purchases for Heroes of the Storm will increase in Australia. According to a forum post by a Battle.net community manager (via Kotaku), the increase can be blamed on the declining strength of the Australian dollar.

"We regularly review our global pricing, and occasionally make adjustments as needed to reflect local and regional market conditions," the statement reads. "We wanted to give everyone in Australia a heads-up that as a result of recent regional currency shifts, we will soon be increasing AUD prices in the Heroes of the Storm in-game Shop, starting May 13, 2015. All purchases made prior to this date will be at the current values listed through the in-game Shop."

The change won't affect New Zealand, as prices are displayed in USD in that region.

As one Battle.net user notes, the cost of an average in-game purchase is currently cheaper in Australia compared to the United States. While there are no details on the extent of the price increase, it's likely to be enough to bring it in line with US prices. In the meantime, if you've been eyeing off some skins, best snap them up before May 13.

Shaun Prescott

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