Heroes of Newerth update adds casual mode and item store

Heroes of Newerth

The DotA-esque Heroes of Newerth has just been bumped up to version 2.0. The free update has added a series of new features designed to make the game more accessible to new players, including a revamped matchmaking system and a casual mode to help new players learn the game. Other additions include an item store that will let players pay extra for cosmetic items. Read on for the full update details and a trailer.

The item store will let players use paid-for Goblin Coins buy a range of visual upgrades including new avatar images, taunts, announcer packs and name colour changes. The 2.0 update also sees the introduction of a beta version of a new map maker. The editing tools are the same as those used by the developers to create the official maps. The tools will let players create their own single player experiences, and multiplayer maps can be submitted to the Heroes of Newerth Dream site. Many user created characters have been submitted through the site and have made it into the full game as official characters, and the same is planned for arenas created with the new map making tools.

Other changes include a brand new map called Grimm's Crossing and an updated interface. For more on the updates, head over to the Heroes of Newerth site. Check out the trailer below for an overview of the new features.

[via Bluesnews ]

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