Heroes of Newerth shows off Hellbourne

hon video

To celebrate Heroes of Newerth being free to play this entire week, S2 Games put together an awesome trailer showcasing the terrifying aggression of the Hellbourne heroes, including the most recent recruit: Doctor Repulsor (yeah he's the one with the giant tesla coils on his back). Whether you're into mad scientists, crazy witch doctors, evil demons, or big fat dudes with their guts spilling out, I can guarantee you're going to enjoy this trailer. It also shows off some of the coolest spells in the game so be sure to check it out!

As we mentioned, Heroes of Newerth is 100% free to play right now all the way through next Monday afternoon (1PM EST), so if you like what you see in this video and enjoy a competitive environment, give Heroes of Newerth a shot this weekend to see if its right for you. Head on over to their site to create a free account .