Herman Miller and Logitech G just dropped a $1,000 gaming chair

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Everybody, quick, hold onto your butts. Logitech G and Herman Miller have just announced another gaming chair in the brands collaborative effort to cradle our carcasses while we get our PC gaming on. And this one is on the more affordable side, in a way, at least when it comes to incredibly premium gaming thrones.

Back in 2021, we reviewed the Herman Miller x Logitech gaming chair, the Embody, and to the surprise of no one it came with a hefty price tag. In the tradition of Herman Miller office chairs, coming it at just under $1,495 USD made for one expensive chair. But equally in the same tradition, somehow felt worth it.

Thanks to Embody's success, the brand collaboration is about to deliver a new seat with more affordability and customisation in mind. Dubbed the Vantum Gaming Chair, it's constructed with a proprietary suspension backrest, a glass-filled nylon skeleton, with foam headrests and cushions, covered with post-consumer recycled polyester. The Vantum currently comes in three colour options, an all black, black and white, or black and red and none of them look anything like something you might find in a race car or at a funeral parlour.

Instead we see a much more toned back office chair design, which is another thing we expect from the brand behind one of our favourite office chairs for gaming. They have an understated style, which can be spiced up with the pop of colour. There's definitely the look of a classy chair that'd fit well in an office space, gamer den, or anything in between. Besides, the real joy of these thrones doesn't come from looking at them.

Sitting comfortably?

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This chair has been made with gamers in mind, so it supports a more forward sitting posture. The kind I tend to adapt once the enemy has slammed me down and I realise I need to get a bit more serious. The design of the chair is said to help encourage this more active position without slouching, and of course can be adjusted to your seating preferences.

For when you're not in the throws of gaming victory, there's also a well thought out reclining position. This has specific support pads unlike most chairs as well as a headrest designed to not put pressure on the neck. Flexibility of use appears to be the name of the game with this new collaborative effort, aiming to deliver a chair that works well no matter what your gaming style might be.

Vantum colours

(Image credit: Herman Miller X Logitech)

So, what does affordable mean when we're talking about what might be one of the most comfortable gaming chairs ever made? The Vantum Gaming chair retails for £1,126 GBP or $995.00 USD, which is still a pretty penny for a chair. It is definitely a nicer price than the Embody, and both come with a 12-year warranty which makes it an easier price to stomach. If the Vantum is as comfortable as it claims, it could be one helluva back saver too. 

If you're after something cheaper, we have you covered there. But if you can afford it and subscribe to the Sam Vimes theory of economics, paying a little more for one of these chairs might be the smartest option around. We'll let you know if the Vantum is worth the price tag like the Embody once we've had it under our hot little cheeks.

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