Logitech and Herman Miller's new gaming chair will set you back $1,495

Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody
(Image credit: Herman Miller x Logitech G)

Don't act surprised, you knew that price tag was coming. The Herman Miller x Logitech G gaming chair, Embody, has been revealed, and it will set you back $1,495 (£1,195). The long-awaited chair, which was teased and then subsequently delayed, is a departure from the usual racing-style seats we've come accustomed to in gaming—and that's no accident.

Coming in a sleek black colourway, there's nothing flashy about the Embody. Instead of the usual 'look at me' aesthetic, what it claims to offer instead is granular control of a litany of slight adjustments to perfectly tailor it to your form. So much so that the usual headrest and lumbar support cushions are surplus to requirement.

I'm inclined to believe Herman Miller's assertion that they really are no longer required, too. While my own office chair is a far cry from the price tag of your standard Herman, I have had the pleasure of using some models in the past—and they are awfully comfortable and keep your posture in check. That's something I'm increasingly wary of as I spend an increasing length of time indoors at a desk.

The original Herman Miller Embody is also one of our top picks for the best gaming chair, with the caveat that this chair may cost more than your actual gaming PC.

The new Embody comes fully-assembled and with a 12-year warranty, so you shouldn't have to worry about a replacement for a long time to come. 

A few specific gamer upgrades differentiate this chair from the usual Embody. It comes with an 'enhanced gaming seat' to support a more active sitting position, and cooling foam to keep your backside from getting sweaty—an issue only gamers face, apparently.

Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody

(Image credit: Herman Miller x Logitech G)

Still, that price tag is enough to make just about anybody wince, and it definitely reinforces the concept that if you want good posture you should be prepared to pay for it. Don't worry, if you can't afford four-digit ergonomic chairs or have the freedom to completely overhaul your desk space, you can follow these tips to make your desk healthier and more comfortable.

Herman Miller is still figuring out the fine details, and further testing is required to ensure it will hit that 12-year warranty, so the chair is still pending an official release. If you want to stay in the loop, you can sign up for notifications over at the Herman Miller website.

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