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Here's what Overwatch looks like running at 100x100 pixels, for some reason

Blizzard is known for making games that will run smoothly on a wide range of PCs, but this… well, this is ridiculous. Youtuber MinorVidsPC dug into Overwatch's graphics options and discovered that in windowed mode he could lower the resolution below Blizzard's minimum of 1024x768. Way lower. Like, 100x105 pixels.

This is what the mouse pointer looks like when the game is rendered at that resolution. LowSpecGamer, eat your heart out.

"I have to play Overwatch at about 640x480 to have stable fps, at 300x300 i could barely see anything and at 100x100 well…" MinorVidsPC wrote in the comments of his video. He also showed what Overwatched looked like at 300x300 pixels, which gave me flashbacks to mid-90s 3D graphics. There's a lot of shimmery aliasing going on—it feels like watching Netflix or Youtube at 144p on an HD screen—but hey, it's unmistakably still Overwatch. It's playable.
At 100x105, not so much.

We tried running Overwatch in a tiny window ourselves and confirmed that it worked. It's as easy as editing the Settings_v0.ini file and changing the window size dimensions as you see fit. Here's a screenshot of tiny Overwatch.

And here's what it looks like on my 2560x1440 desktop.

Of course, it looks a bit more ridiculous when upscaled to a 720p video, as it is in MinorVidsPC's above. At the 50% render scale setting he uses, that 100x100 frame is actually rendering 50x50 pixels.

At this rate, we'll have Overwatch running on graphing calculators in no time.

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