Here's the trailer for Hitman's sunny, Sapienza-set second episode

Hitman Sapienza

Sapienza looks a right treat. It's sunny, the architecture's wonderful, and all you have to put up with is the occasional incredibly conspicuous hitman murdering people while dressed as a postman, a scientist, or some sort of vampire. The Italian coastal town is the setting of Hitman's imminent second episode, which as you'll know by now is due to arrive on April 26, AKA next Tuesday.

Here's a launch trailer for the episode, a full five days early:

According to the YouTube description, your primary target in Ep 2 is one Silvio Caruso, "a brilliant bioengineer reportedly working on a DNA-specific virus able to infect anyone anywhere in the world". Witness Agent 47 on his merry way to murder him in the above trailer.

Tom Sykes

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