Here's some long-awaited footage of Chex Quest HD

Announced a couple of years ago, Chex Quest HD is a remake of everyone's favourite Doom WAD designed to peddle cereal. If you're too young to know about Chex Quest this is going to seem very strange but here we go. Chex Quest was given away as a promotion with Chex cereal in 1996, a parent-safe reskin of the classic shooter where you picked up fruit, vegetables, and water instead of health and armor while using a sci-fi spoon thing to defeat snot aliens. It was gaming's best cereal-based shooter.

Well, Chex Quest is back, in HD form. Original lead artist Chuck Jacobi is once more at the helm and ready to share the trailer above, complete with gameplay footage at the end. Chex Quest HD is still a game about a dude who wears wheat-based cereal for armor zapping slimy aliens in a kid-friendly way. Also like the original, it'll be five levels long and distributed for free. Though whether you'll have to buy a box of cereal to get a copy I'm not sure.

How long until the Brutal Chex Quest mod, you think?

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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