What to expect in Star Wars: The Old Republic 2.4

I first thought that the "cantina tour" was an overhyped parading of the BioWare lunch hall's lukewarm mac 'n' cheese, but apparently, it's actually a regular-ish event that gives fans a glimpse at the next things in store for Star Wars: The Old Republic . Who knew? The latest stop on the cantina tour was at Gamescom , and USB drives handed out there contained a shedload of concept art for the upcoming patch 2.4; we've got a tantalizing taste of future mounts, planets, and more.

Fansite Dulfy.net wasted no time in uploading the USB contents. Check out this Mordor-esque new planet Oricon, for example, as well as the friendly-looking dudes inhabiting it.

And check out the conceptualization for a new slew of mounts, to become available for purchase on the Cartel Market. Ha! Lookit those little flappy arms! I'm sure these little raptor/dog-hybrid creatures dream of a career being menacing, you know, when they're not being driven around by MMO toons in a loving, vaguely humiliating fashion.

Of course, this update also sees in the usual bunch of new equipment, droids, and discomfortingly arachnid-like pets. What we have here is only a fraction of the patch's offerings; for the whole gallery, head to Dulfy , where a summary of the Q&A conducted during the cantina tour is also available.