Here's a dope, eldritch trailer for Skyrim expansion mod Apotheosis

Ready to go on a really wild trip into the deep lore of Elder Scrolls? Of course you are, you'd not have clicked on this otherwise. For the record I meant trip euphemistically because this looks like something that involves mind-altering substances.

Apotheosis is an ambitious mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that aims to be of the scale of an entire expansion or DLC for Bethesda's dragon-Viking masterpiece. It's a strange and eldritch journey into canonical and non-canonical worlds beyond Elder Scrolls' mundane Tamriel. "A story of epic scale set across many hand crafted worlds, sprawling dungeons and exotic locations," says the modders' description. "Scour the 16 Wastes of Oblivion and Dreamsleeve, home of the forgotten dead, a little bigger than 1/5 the size of the Skyrim overworld."

Sounds like a lot of ambitious mod projects, sure, but just watch that trailer. It's a good one, and the mod has been in active development for 4 years—so expect it to actually release. There are a host of strange influences at work here, bringing things into Skyrim that seem more at home in Berserk or Dark Souls. It's as otherworldly a set of imagery as any presented in the official journey into these places in TES3: Oblivion or The Elder Scrolls Online: A thing made of hands, mad mashups of body parts, and twisted landscapes of bizarre color.

You can find and keep up with Apotheosis over on its ModDB page


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