Here's a Cyberpunk 2077 problem you can fix right now

Cyberpunk desktop icon mod
(Image credit: CD Projekt Red)

Over at Nexus Mods, the Cyberpunk 2077 mod hub has gone live. There isn't much there yet (obviously, the game has just been released), but a few things have been uploaded already, including a highly specific fix by user kostas96b. It doesn't squash the game's many bugs, but it does fix a minor but frustrating problem: the resolution of the game's Steam desktop shortcut.

Chances are CD Projekt Red will fix this itself in a future update, but if you're struggling with that blurry icon stinking up your desktop right now, this mod will stop your eye twitching. As someone who loves a clean, tidy desktop, this kind of thing massively appeals to me. 

But I am looking forward to people cleverer than me making more elaborate mods down the line. I think a priority should be getting Geralt and Roach in there. I wanna gallop through Japantown on horseback.

The icon fun doesn't end there. If you're bored of V's Justin Timberlake-lookin' ass, you can replace the icon entirely with the face of Bethesda's Todd Howard with this mod. I mean, if you can call an icon file a mod.

Todd Howard

(Image credit: Todd Howard)

Oh, internet.

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