Here's a brief look at Rainbow Six Siege's new Favela map

There's more to Brazil than favelas, right? Not according to video games, which continue to set environments in colourful shantytowns watched over by giant statues of Jesus. The latest is the upcoming Favela map for Rainbow Six Siege, which will feature in the Operation Skull Rain DLC, along with two new operators from Brazil. This we've known for 24 hours, but now we can see that map in action, courtesy of a very brief new trailer:

There is a good reason for setting a Rainbow Six Siege map in a favela: they tend  not to be very well-built. Siege's big thing is its environmental destruction, and the combination of both things will apparently result in the game's "most destructible map to date".

Are you looking forward to smashing the town to pieces? We don't have a release date for the DLC yet, but it seems we'll hear more—including that date, probably—on July 30, during a livestream of season two of Xbox Pro League Finals.

Tom Sykes

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