Here's 18 minutes of murderous Metro Exodus gameplay footage

Let me level with you. It's E3 week, which means it's been a busy one. Which means I can blame missing the following nearly 18 minutes of Metro Exodus footage that surfaced the other day on being tired and overwhelmed. It also means this intro paragraph doubles up as an apology and an excuse to cut to the chase. 

Voila, nearly 18 minutes of Metro Exodus gameplay:

The slaughter and dimly-lit exploration featured there looks lovely, but I'm most interested in the rundown of Exodus' guns, weapons, crafting and upgrades. That features between 6.20 and 7.40, should you fancy honing in on that yourself. 

Otherwise, let me point you towards Tom's words on 4A Games' latest: Metro Exodus is beautiful, punishing, and a bit buggy.  

Head in this direction for Metro Exodus' E3 trailer, and know that it's due on PC on February 22, 2019.