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Here are 15 minutes of Metal Gear Survive footage

I'm onboard with the idea of Metal Gear Survive. It's a smart way for Konami to wring a bit more money from the expensive-to-make MGSV's assets and code, and the idea of co-op on Metal Gear zombie planet appeals. We saw a wee bit of footage at the time of its reveal, but here's a big ol' chunk of game from the Tokyo Game Show, revealing a co-op mission in its entirety.

Look at the displaced Mother Base troops there, sneaking around not-Afghanistan in a group of four. I particularly like the new Fulton technology, which swaps helicopter-based soldier and wildlife kidnapping for a wormhole that opens a rip in the fabric of reality.

You can see the new slingshot weapon in action, and some handy spike traps that will allow for environmental kills. There's an injury system too (the demo shows a player suffering from a wounded leg, after being attacked by a grounded zombie), with medical kits being required to treat them. Most vital of all, however, is the bit where the zombies are distracted by a bleating, Fultoned sheep, before being set on fire with a tactical molotov.

The sheep then goes through the wormhole, naturally.

The last part of the demo shows off the new base defence sections. Because yeah, there will be base defence bits against hordes of zombies too.

Metal Gear Survive will be out sometime in 2017.