Hellraid E3 trailer features skeletons by the boneload, looks a bit like Hexen

Taking a break from making games about zombies , or games about zombies , Techland are making a game about zombies (well, and skeletons), in the form of co-op first-person fantasy Hellraid . Its Game Master AI has drawn comparisons to Left 4 Dead, but this latest trailer - released to sorta coincide with E3 - is giving me serious Heretic/Hexen vibes.

There are few things in life (I mean...in games) more satisfying than shattering a skeleton and seeing the bones fly all over the room. Though it looks quite similar to Dead Island - mainly in the character animation - Hellraid won't be open world, but appears to make up for it with an enormous number of enemies, multiple classes (Warrior, Mage, Paladin and Rogue), and neat staff-things that fire concentrated bolts of magic. Hellraid is due out this year, unless that big guy in the stocks does something about it.

Ta, VG247 .

Tom Sykes

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