Dying Light is a new survival horror game by Dead Island developer Techland

"Developer known for zombie games making a new zombie game" isn't terribly shocking news, but what if I told you they were going to twist it up with a day-night cycle and a dash of Mirror's Edge? Dying Light is Techland's current project, a zombie-infested horror game that encourages fleeing across an open-world tropical town's unexpectedly parkour-friendly rooftops. Check out the first screenshots of your flailing feet, as well as zombies wearing an awkward amount of face paint.

Dying Light features a weapons-crafting system, so you'll be able to make electrified axes and the like to hack into zombieflesh with. Come night, however, the zombies grow a lot more aggressive, and that's when you run. The screenshots were revealed on the newly minted Facebook page , and incredibly, preorders are already available . Warner Bros. is hopeful for a 2014 release date. No further details yet, but we can expect an onslaught of zombie photos this burgeoning E3 season.