Hearthstone's "Welcome Bundle" is ten Classic packs and a Legendary card for $5/£4 [Updated]

Update: The Hearthstone Welcome Bundle is now live, and as indicated in the headline, UK pricing has been confirmed at £4. 

Original story:

Love Hearthstone but your lack of Grommash Hellscream is holding you back from jamming Dragon Warrior on ladder? Blizzard may have the answer in the form of a new Hearthstone “Welcome Bundle” that comprises ten Classic Hearthstone packs, and one random class Legendary card from the Classic set, for just $5. It's aimed primarily at new players looking for a boost, but it's sweet deal for veterans who want to bulk up their collection, too. 

The price is certainly right. Under standard pricing, a bundle of seven packs goes for $10/£7, with no guarantee of a Legendary. And even if you end up getting a Legendary you already own, you can always dust that sucker and use it to craft something you actually want. There's only one catch: The offer is restricted to just one bundle per account. 

Andy Chalk

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