Hearthstone's craziest new Legendary is 18 decks in 1

Hearthstone's upcoming Boomsday expansion pack looks to be filled with wild cards, including three synergistic Druid cards which we recently revealed. But while the return of Dr. Boom and a Rogue spell that literally draws your entire deck are hard to ignore, the most interesting card in the expansion so far is probably a newly revealed neutral Legendary: Whizbang the Wonderful. 

Whizbang the Wonderful is a 4-mana 4/5, but you won't play him for his stats. In fact, you won't play him at all, because his effect totally rewrites your deck. As designer Peter Whalen explained in a new Hearthside Chat, when you add Whizbang to your deck, every other card and even your choice of hero is thrown out, and your deck is renamed to "Whizbang is Wonderful." And when you queue into a match with a Whizbang deck, your deck turns into one of 18 possible decks—more specifically, one of the most recent 18 deck recipes across all nine classes. In other words, you won't know what class and archetype you're playing until you queue into a match. 

As Whalen said, "it's a great way to experience lots of different styles, and maybe find something new that you love." Whizbang is never going to be a top-tier card since the deck recipes he's built around aren't top-tier. At the same time, those deck recipes are by no means bad. They're absolutely playable, and they're often pretty expensive, with many recipes using multiple Legendaries and Epics. And when you craft Whizbang, you effectively get access to all them, admittedly at random. 

It's no exaggeration to say Whizbang is 18 decks in one, which is great news for players who don't have a huge card collection or haven't been playing for very long. He may not wind up in our list of the 20 best Legendaries, but he's definitely going to create a lot of fun games. And here I thought we'd never see a card with more value than Master Oakheart. 

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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