Hearthstone interview: balance and the Blackrock Mountain adventure

Blackrock Mountain Key Art

Tim is the Hearthstone expert at PC Gamer, but he isn't in Boston at PAX East. I'm in Boston at PAX East, so when I went to talk to game director Eric Dodds about Hearthstone's upcoming Blackrock Mountain adventure, I naturally consulted Tim for questions. Tim wrote a lot of questions. Tim wrote too many questions for me to ask, never mind memorize in 10 minutes—yet the show must go on, so I present to you: Tim Clark interviews Eric Dodds by proxy. It looks like me there at Blizzard's event last night, but it's actually Tim. Just squint a lot.

We (by which I mean Tim) have lots more questions about Hearthstone's new adventure, and we'll (Tim) will be getting more answers as soon as we (Tim) can.

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Tyler Wilde
Executive Editor

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