Hear three BioShock Infinite: Burial At Sea original songs from Irrational Games

BioShock Infinite had some great original songs and arrangements. You can buy the original game's soundtrack , but there's some new music in the recently released Burial at Sea DLC that you couldn't easily listen to, until recently. Irrational Games posted three full, original songs from Burial at Sea to its official website, along with some commentary from the game's Music Director, Jim Bonney.

Bonney describes the first song, “Little Sisters' Song,” as an idealistic musical conversation between “Mama Tenenbaum” and the little sisters. “I was thinking about ways to create depth in daily life in Rapture, and thought that the Little Sisters' Home could use a little propaganda music,” he said. “A song that would ease the minds of the citizens that little girls being taken from their families was really just another example of living the Objectivist's Dream!”

“The Pie Song,” which is in the style of a '50s folk protest song, was produced by Marc Lacuesta and performed by Korby Lenker .

And the final song is “Old Man Winter Jingle,” which promotes the Old Man Winter Plasmid. The announcer you hear in the end is actually Irrational Games Senior Sound Designer Jeff Seamster.

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