Heads up: Oculus Quest is available to order at its regular price right now

(Image credit: Oculus)

Trying to buy an Oculus Quest at all has become a game unto itself, and it's all about timing. If you don't pounce at the right moment, you have to wait for the next round before Oculus's stock of headsets runs out. Well, that next round is here—both Oculus and Amazon are accepting orders for what we consider the best VR headset for most people.

The caveat is that you'll have to wait a few weeks for your order to ship. Oculus is currently quoting a June 22 ship date, while Amazon is quoting June 19.

Amazon only has the 64GB model available to order at regular pricing, so if you want the 128GB model, you'll have to buy it direct from Oculus.

While waiting a few weeks isn't ideal, it's better than the previous wave of ordering availability. When we spotted the Quest being up for grabs last month, Oculus estimated ship dates in late July. Hopefully that means those who ordered one will get their headset early, since these new orders ship out later this month.

It's also worth noting that Oculus recently pushed out a software update that allows users to plug a Quest headset into their PC with a regular USB 2.0 cable. Before the update, that required either a $79 Link cable, or a getting lucky with a "high quality" USB 3.x cable.

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