Amazon is offloading Samsung's AU$1,099 32 inch 240Hz gaming monitor for a mere AU$649

Samsung 32 Inch Odyssey G65B Curved QHD Gaming Monitor
(Image credit: Samsung)

I don't need a new monitor right now, and even if I did, I don't have the money for it. But if I did need a new monitor I might be staring longingly at this Samsung Odyssey G6 which, while getting a little long in the tooth (Samsung has G9 series monitors nowadays), has good specs at the discounted rate of AU$649, which is down from its AU$1,099 RRP. 

Look: it's probably not wise to buy this gaming monitor for its full RRP, so the 41% discount isn't as amazing as it first seems. But despite the passage of time, AU$649 for a Samsung QHD 32 inch monitor with a better-than-average 240Hz refresh rate is a bargain no matter which way you cut it. It's a curved affair with HDR600, Samsung Smart TV functionality (if you want to use it) and FreeSync Premium Pro and GSync compatibility.

Amazon's AU$649 price manages to undercut Samsung's own discounted AU$799, though quite a few retailers are offloading these for around the AU$800 price point, including Harvey Norman. What you're paying for here, really, is the 240Hz refresh rate, so you should probably consider whether that matters to you before forking out for this model, even at its discounted price.

Samsung Odyssey G6 32 inch QHD gaming monitor (G65B) |AU$1,099AU$649 at Amazon

Samsung Odyssey G6 32 inch QHD gaming monitor (G65B) | AU$1,099 AU$649 at Amazon (save AU$450)

This generously sized monitor is a QHD affair with the usual Samsung TV bonus trimmings, but where it excels is its refresh rate: a monitor this big with a 240Hz refresh rate is well worth consideration at this price range, if you're a high performance FPS player or just a stickler for barely-detectable levels of smoothness.

If this particular Samsung doesn't appeal, you might as well go and have a look at our list of the best gaming monitors to see what does. 

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