Hand of Fate 2 will be out in November, fourth companion revealed

The action-RPG card game Hand of Fate 2 was announced last year as a "more nuanced" take on its predecessor, with a greater emphasis on smart deck building and a focus on "improving and expanding the concepts and systems of the original." Things seemed to be coming along well half a year later when we caught up with Defiant Development at PAX West 2016, and today the studio announced that the work is just about done, and the game will be out on November 7. 

Hand of Fate 2 features action-RPG gameplay—quests, battles, loot, and so forth—built on a tale told by cards dealt by the mysterious Dealer. "Each card will test players with hack-and-slash combat, dangerous locales to explore, tense minigames, of Dungeons & Dragons-style decisions. A new map-based overworld allows players to discover and unlock those challenges in entirely new ways," Defiant explained.   

"The sequel also introduces a variety of new features, including weapon types and associated fighting styles, cards that can provide a powerful boost, different victory conditions for combat and the dealer’s card game, as well as all-new bosses, enemy types, and storylines." 

Defiant also revealed the game's fourth and final companion today, the Indomitable Ariadne of Stiegal. "A powerful melee warrior, Ariadne brings a keen blacksmith’s eye to the battlefield, shattering the armor of even the sturdiest opponents," it explained. "On the tabletop, her boundless optimism allows her to duplicate chance cards, dramatically improving the player’s odds of success. Players will meet her properly in the Strength Challenge, though keen-eyed adventurers may encounter her earlier than that." 

"HoF2 has blossomed into a project that we are deeply proud of, with noticeable improvements to every element of the original game. It’s massive, too," Defiant said. "What was intended to be a game of equal length to HoF1 has transformed into something roughly four times the size, bursting with new characters, new enemies and a fantastic variety of new challenges." 

Hand of Fate 2 is listed on Steam but isn't available for pre-purchase just yet, but when it is it will go for $30/€25. More information about the game is available at defiantdev.com

Andy Chalk

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