Hand of Fate 2 is Batman's combat inside a D&D campaign, and it's improved a lot

One of my biggest complaints in my review of Hand of Fate last year was the utter cruelty of the RNG. As a choose-your-own adventure action deck-building game, Hand of Fate had to juggle a lot of different balls, and while it was fun, it still felt a little unfair at times. I got a chance to play Hand of Fate 2 at PAX West this weekend, and it goes a long way in addressing some of my concerns with the original. There's less RNG in the level layouts and more of an emphasis on smart deck building, and it improves the game immensely.

Watch the video above to hear me talk to Hand of Fate 2 developer Defiant Development about the sequel, and watch the video below to see the entire gameplay recording of the demo I played.

Tom Marks
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