Halo Wars 2 is getting crossplay between PC and Xbox soon

Following last month's Awakening the Nightmare expansion, Microsoft and Creative Assembly continue to plug away at Halo Wars 2 support, with newly announced crossplay functionality confirmed today. This means you'll be able to compete against Xbox One players – a concept the company is pretty fond of nowadays.

"As an Xbox Play Anywhere title, players have the ability to enjoy Halo Wars 2 on their console or PC, but up until now that has not included cross-platform online play," the update reads.

"Crossplay has been a passion project for the team and frankly was something we weren’t sure would be feasible to incorporate at this stage in the game’s development. The team has worked hard to deliver this feature and final testing indicates it’s ready for release into the wild."

The functionality is set to roll out later this month. There's a bunch of other Halo-related news as well, but most of it is Halo 5 stuff.

Shaun Prescott

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