Halo: The Master Chief Collection's first closed PC test starts next week

After a couple of delays, Halo: The Master Chief Collection's first test on PC is expected to begin soon. 343 Industries was aiming for June, after E3, and now the flighting for Halo: Reach is on track to start next week. 

Registered Halo Insiders will be the first to get their hands on the remastered Reach, but only a small number of them. "We're starting more modestly because we've got quite a few levers to pull and we want to ensure our delivery pipeline runs smoothly, our communications are clear, and that participants can properly provide their feedback on the build," said 343's John Junyszek. 

The team apparently has a build that's looking like a strong candidate, but it's still being tested. "We need to take our time to ensure we're sending out a quality flight to our Halo Insiders," Junyszek said. Originally planned for April, 343 has been quite cautious and pushed it back for more internal testing and tweaking. 

While this test won't be a public, the details will be shared with everyone. You can also sign up to the Halo Insider Program here and get opportunities to test all of the MCC games when they're available. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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