Halo: The Master Chief Collection gets a weird Surface Hub listing

According to the Microsoft Store, Halo: The Master Chief Collection will be available on the Surface Hub. The Hub is an interactive screen for use in businesses and classrooms, so it's not really a gaming device. Its appearance on the list of platforms is pretty unusual, then.

There are rumours that a PC release is imminent, though there's no official word from Microsoft. The Hub also uses Windows 10, which suggests a PC version is in the works, but it shouldn't be treated as confirmation that it's coming soon. 

The Hub listing really seemed like a mistake—did anyone really ask for it?—but instead of confirming that, a Microsoft spokesperson just had this to say: "We do not comment on rumours or speculation." 

If it was added in error, that's something Microsoft could have fixed pretty quickly, but it's still listed in the store. 

A Master Chief Collection announcement has already been teased, with Tuesday's Inside Xbox show promises "exciting news". Check back tomorrow to find out if we're getting the gift of remastered Halos. 

Cheers, Wccftech

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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