How to find Spartan Cores to upgrade your abilities in Halo Infinite

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Seeking out Halo Infinite Spartan Cores and upgrading your abilities early can make a big difference—regardless of your chosen difficulty. Alongside boosts to his shields capabilities, you'll be able to improve that cheeky new grapple, as well as a few other bonuses. You won't need to hunt for pesky upgrade benches, either, though you will need to find a few of those elusive Spartan Cores if you want to improve what you've got. Let's take a look at how to equip the Chief with the best of the best.

(Image credit: 343 Industries)

How to upgrade your gear in Halo Infinite

First of all, you'll need to collect Spartan Cores. These can be found in large green grates and are pretty easy to spot with or without the scanner. You'll need to collect more cores if you want to upgrade abilities to the max and you can find them in the likes of FOBs, Strongholds, and key mission areas like the Tower.

There are five upgradable abilities in Halo Infinite that you'll unlock as you progress through the campaign. Each of these abilities you'll pick up from a fallen Spartan, so it's unlikely that you'll miss them as you need to interact with them to continue. The abilities are:

  • Grappleshot
  • Shield Core
  • Threat Sensor
  • Drop Wall
  • Thruster

You can switch about abilities at random and I personally found the Drop Wall the most effective in battle. To be honest, though, you'll probably find that you'll mostly stick with the grapple. You can use it to pull yourself closer to stick enemies with grenades, pull yourself to enemy vehicles to hijack them, and to generally get the hell out of there when the heat turns up, so I'd invest in it early.

Of course, you might start out on a higher difficulty like Heroic, so in that case, it's worth improving your Drop Wall and Shield Core first so you won't go down like a sack of potatoes every time a Grunt fires a single needle at you. 

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