Halo Infinite player headshots 23 Spartans at once

Japanese Youtuber Fish Game & Something recently decided to test the limits of Halo Infinite's sniper rifle—just how many spartans can it kill with one shot? Well the potential answer may be higher but Halo's 24-player limit means that they had to test it out on 23 brave space warriors, who obligingly line-up as the gunner counts them off...

Then boom, and the dominoes fall.

One quite surprising element of the sniper bullet's velocity is how much the travel time is staggered by each spartan—it goes through those 23 helmets alright, but the spartans don't all fall in-sync as one might expect from an instantaneous shot through the line. It makes one wonder if you could pull this stunt and somehow grapple to the end of the line and make it 24. Your move, Fish Game man.

It's also quite amusing seeing the game's usual accolades scroll through as quickly as this. The real delight, however, came when I discovered this account and its crossover of Halo Infinite weapons and popular anime Macross Frontier.

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That looks to me like what the needler and the beam gun were born to do. Whack the Evangelion theme over it next please.

The thing about Halo Infinite which is amazing for long-term fans is to see the excitement again—not only is Halo good again, but people are having fun and doing daft things. Most people's only problem with the multiplayer side of things is the slightly lousy battle pass progression though, personally speaking, I do slightly worry about that Warthog.

Rich Stanton

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