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Hackers target uPlay exploit, can download Ubisoft's games for free

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

More information has appeared about the source of this morning's (now removed) leaked videos of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. Eurogamer report that Ubisoft's uPlay launcher has been exploited by Russian hackers, allowing them to freely download the service's games. Supposedly, the hackers' software tricks the launcher into thinking the user already owns a particular game, allowing them to download it for offline play, and thereby bypassing the uPlay DRM.

An image, published by Gameranx , shows the client downloading Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon - which appears to already be on the servers as a 3051mb file. Previous information points to the game not being due for release until May 1st.

Blood Dragon torrents have already begun to appear on various sites. Ubisoft haven't made an official statement yet, but presumably a SWAT team of banhammer equipped techs is already being deployed to seek out anyone using the software.

Phil Savage
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